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Darren Harrison

iPad Serial Number: DYTHGL6EDJ8R 32GB WiFi Model A1416

We confirm receiving iPad Model A11416 32GB Wi-Fi to analyse the usability after the accidental damage. iPad LCD was damaged due to force drop. With the iPad, the screen was damaged with random display signals. For the purpose of assessing the damage due to drop and to provide repair or replacement costs.

Upon investigation, we found the problem can be on the logic board and not the screen. The logic board works with an external monitor and not with the internal LCD, but to visible signal fault on the screen.  We have also inspected the logic board LVDS connector carefully with a loupe to see if it has any signs of visible damage like liquid shorting out or melting plastic connectors.

We advised that the examination of the iPad Model A1416, it is advisable not to proceed with the repairs.  iPad Model A1416 32GB revealed that the LED and the touch screen connecters got damaged due to malfunctioning of the Logic Board, commonly known as dropped. Quote not required as the item has already been purchased by the client (iPad - 2nd Gen - Already replaced Paid $650 to JBs on 14/10/2020). 

ASUS Desktop Rampage A/V Extreme + Razor Tron KB + Samsung 4K Monitor

Core i7 7th Gen | Processor: 3.2 GHz | RAM 16GB (F 3-1 2800CL) | Graphics Card: msi 8GB GTX 1080

We confirm receiving above mentioned combo items to analyse about the usability after the accidental damage. Asus Desktop Tower, Razor KB, and Samsung 4K monitor were damaged due to force drop. With Samsung 4K the screen was damaged with random display signals and eventually dead. For the purpose of assessing the damage due to drop and to provide repair or replacement costs.

I have inspected the above-mentioned devices and have determined that it has sustained damage as the result of a force hit the desktop internal electronic components. This primarily results in the failure of the motherboard (which includes the CPU, RAM, GPU/ graphics/ video subsystem) of a kind that will prevent the ASUS computer from power-on and function (and perform) correctly to a standard it was designed for. Further testing of the keyboard and individual keys had additional damage due to force drop. Upon testing it was observed that few keys stopped working and keystrokes are not effective.

It is my view that any repairs to the above mentioned undertaken may not be cost-effective, nor may this be a practical course of action given the new design does not allow to repair or replace one specific part.

I strongly recommend that the above items not be “repaired” and should be replaced.

Below is the following quotation for the replacement of the Desktop Combo system: -

      • Motherboard - ASUS ROG Rampage Extreme - $1,550.00
      • Intel I7 CPU - $640.00
      • CPU Water Cooler - $150.00
      • 64GB Ram (4x16GB) - $210 x 2 = $420.00
      • Graphics Card Nvidia GTX1080 (8BG) - $900.00
      • Tower Case - $140.00
      • Samsung SSD 1TB - $150.00
      • Potable 4TB HDrive - $150.00
      • Internal 3.5" 6TB Hard Drive - $280.00
      • Win 10 Pro - $290.00
      • 28" 4K Samsung Monitor - $530.00
      • Tron Razer Keyboard - $400.00
      • Optional - Labour to configure the system - 3 hrs x $90.00/hr
      • TOTAL Replacement Cost = $5600 + $270.00 labour
      • Amount Payable for the report = $90.00.

If you require any further information or would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0416 546 425

We appreciate your time and looking forward to receiving a favourable response from you.


Team Technopodium

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